About Lynstar Enterprises

Jack Cannon has been a general contractor since 1983. He has always been known for the high value of his construction and his fine craftsmanship.

Jack CannonIn January of 1989, Lynstar became a California Corporation. As owner and President, Jack Cannon dedicates himself to creating and maintaining a company based on excellent service and commitment to even the most difficult of projects.

Lynstar is an innovative company, doing it all – restoration, reconstruction and remodeling. Lynstar fulfills client desires ranging from minor repairs to complete full scale tenant improvements (a 100,000 sq. ft. space with a full-scale cafeteria, including the electrical and plumbing necessary for that). Lynstar can do a job as small as facing cabinets for a fresh look up to building a complete home, from the foundation to the roof.

Jack has built, one day at a time, a reputation for performance, integrity and responsibility. He provides personalized service and flexible scheduling to accommodate client needs. He is prompt, so people are not left waiting unnecessarily. Jack understands the value of delivering what is promised – on time.

With decades in the construction trades, by learning through experience and his passion for quality that drives everything he does, Jack has built a strong, small business dedicated to a select group of clients. Jack doesn’t advertise. Lynstar doesn’t need to advertise. Lynstar has many satisfied customers who share their experience with their friends and colleagues.

It may cost a little more to provide the quality, expertise and peace-of-mind you expect and deserve. Lynstar provides peace-of-mind. Jack Cannon recommends that you never select a contractor until you have talked with some of their previous clients. You know about Lynstar because of our friends and customers.