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Outdoor kitchens, custom decks and arbors from Jack Cannon General Contractor at Lynstar

Outdoor Kitchens and Backyard Retreats

Custom decks, outdoor kitchens, patio covers and arbors to meet your needs

Outdoor Kitchens, Decks and Patio Covers

Custom deck with outdoor kitchen built by Jack Cannon and Lynstar in Menlo Park
Outdoor kitchens, custom decks and arbors from Jack Cannon General Contractor at Lynstar

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to invite your indoor living space outside. At Lynstar Enterprises we create custom outdoor kitchens that make your outdoor entertaining a dream. We can create an outdoor kitchen on your patio or deck that includes grills, refrigerators, side burners, food preparation areas, storage, sinks, or even ice makers. Our outdoor kitchens can enhance any outdoor living space while adding value to your home.
    Deciding to build an outdoor kitchen is the easy part… then comes all of the decisions!
  • What about refrigeration?
  • What about adding a built-in griddle?
  • What kind of BBQ is right for the space?
  • Maybe a wood-fired pizza oven could be installed?
  • Should there be lights?
  • How about a fan?
  • What type of wood or cabinet material should be used?
  • Should there be an arbor or trellis for shade?

Building an outdoor space that can host your family and friends can bring a wonderful space for family memories and a lot of decisions. That’s where Lynstar Enterprises can help. Jack Cannon can help with many of decisions. Jack is a great listener. When he is first looking at your backyard and the space you have, he’ll listen to you and then contribute his thoughts and suggestions encompassing his many years of construction and special design experience.

For example, he may also ask you:

  • Do you want it attached or detached to the house?
  • Do you want it under a shelter or have it uncovered?
  • Do you want a water supply?
  • Do you want a built-in grill? Does it need a vent hood?
  • Side burner?
  • Where would you like the trash bin?
  • How do you want it framed? If so do you want metal, wood, brick, cinder blocks or with some type of tile or other material?
  • What do you want for the primary fuel? Natural gas, propane, pellet, electric?
  • How do you want the counter and/or island shaped? Linear, L-shaped, U-shaped or as a galley?

Decks - Design and Installation

People have been building decks onto their homes for hundreds of years. It’s a wonderful addition to a home – they help to extend the home and mesh the indoors with the outdoors. In addition to decks, people have been adding pergolas and patio covers to add shade to the area.

A deck can be installed with many different types of materials. Lynstar Enterprises can install wood decks or composite wood or anything else you may want. In recent years, composite wood has been the increasing trend. When compared with wood decking, composite decking delivers many advantages over traditional options but in the end it all depends on what works for the home and whatever the client wants.

custom decks and stairs and ramps built by Jack Cannon General Contractor with Lynstar
Arbor deck cover built by Jack Cannon, General Contractor in San Jose with Lynstar
Arbor deck cover built by Jack Cannon, General Contractor in Mountain View with Lynstar

Pergolas, Trellises and Patio Shade Covers

We design and build pergolas, patio shade covers, and trellises to help complete your backyard. We work with you, the homeowner, to design whichever structure you want that will match your style and needs. Patio covers and shade structures can be built in wood or stucco to match the design and style of your backyard.


The following are some questions that Jack may ask:

  • Do you have a hot tub that needs a cover?
  • Do you need a solid patio cover to protect from sun or do you want an open wood structure that allows light in while looking great and creating style in your back yard?
  • Would you like a structure to cover your BBQ area?
Whatever your style, we can work with you to create your pergola, patio cover or porch cover within your budget.


Types of pergolas we build:

  • Wood open structure pergola or patio cover
  • Solid covered porch in wood or stucco, sometimes with a full roof
  • Shade structures
  • Combination concrete and wood pergolas
  • Tiki style patio covers

Trellises can add a wonderful design element to your landscaped yard. Building an arbor or trellis can have vines planted near it so that they can climb for added privacy.

If you can dream it, we can build it for your backyard trellis, pergolas or patio cover. And if you can’t dream it, Jack can help create it for you.

Jack with Lynstar Enterprises has built many outdoor kitchens, backyard retreats, decks, trellises, pergolas and shade covers customized to fit the needs of the homeowner and having them fit with the house. Contact us to start discussing your outdoor home project today.