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Adding a room onto your house by the best General Contractor in Silicon Valley Jack Cannon with Lynstar Enterprises

Room Addition – ADU

Lynstar has extensive experience building additional rooms

Adding a Room

Whole house remodeling by Jack Cannon General Contractor at Lynstar Silicon Valley San Jose
Wanting to add another room onto your house? Maybe you want to add an office or create a space that can be rented out? Or you have a baby on the way or have teenagers who need their own space? Or maybe you want to add a second floor to your home?

So many families in California are now turning to accessory dwelling units (ADU) as an affordable, realistic housing option. Maybe you want income from the extra room or maybe your in-laws are coming to stay.
Here are some options of uses for adding an ADU:
  • Attic apartment
  • Backyard cottage
  • Backyard house
  • Basement apartment
  • Garage conversion
  • Mother-in-law suite
It doesn’t matter if you know it by any other name; an ADU is a smaller secondary residence that always has a few features that qualify it as an ADU.
  • It has its own water hookup
  • It has its own utility hookup (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • It is a fully functional living space (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.)
  • It has a foundation (its own foundation or foundation shared with the primary residence)
Jack Cannon General Contractor Lynstar installs all the electrical needed in homes and on commercial property
In addition, there are different types of ADU’s:
  1. Detached ADU
  2. Attached ADU
  3. Garage conversion
  4. Interior conversion
Adding to your existing home can be ideal. The challenge, obviously, is the process of planning and dealing with the construction of adding a room to your home. If you’re thinking of building an accessory dwelling unit, it pays to be prepared and that is where Jack Cannon comes in.

At Lynstar Enterprises, we not only help you bring your room addition dreams or a whole separate building on your property to fruition, we also help you to do this on your own terms. We are willing to work with your budget to help to make your goals become reality. We understand that every home is different, which is why we maintain communication and coordination with you throughout the entire timeline of the home addition.

When you decide to add an ADU to your house in the Bay Area, you can rely on Lynstar Enterprises to recommend an architect or we can work with your easily work with your chosen architect. Another option is that we can work with you to create the design…. plus we take care of all of the permitting. We’ll walk you through every step of the construction process, from initial planning, to selecting fixtures, the flooring and ultimately to the final punch list – and we clean up after ourselves at the end of every day too!

Contact us today and let’s talk.