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New construction new house build contractor Jack Cannon General Contractor Silicon Valley with Lynstar Enterprises

Whole House Build

Lynstar has extensive experience building new homes from the ground up

Homes Built From the Ground Up

Whole house build by Jack Cannon General Contractor, Lynstar, in Palo Alto, CA
These were the plans for the custom built home built in Palo Alto by Lynstar Enterprises, Jack Cannon, General Contractor. View more images of this project in the projects area.
A custom-built home is a one-of-a-kind home designed from either the ground up or a minimal template (usually based on a model home) from a builder. Production homes or semi-custom homes are those that allow the buyers to pick a few selections for a home that’s already planned. With the latter, you hardly have much room to add your personal touches.

With a custom built home you usually build on your own property. Building a custom home has many unique benefits, especially when it comes to creating a living space that’s uniquely yours. Throughout every step of the custom build process, you and your family will have the added satisfaction and security of knowing that you’ll end up in a home that’s been meticulously designed to meet your exact needs, specifications, and preferences.

When looking for the perfect property, make sure you consider the following:
  • Location
  • If there will be challenging topography
  • Property taxes
  • Possible HOA dues
As for finances for a custom home, banks usually want amazing credit scores. Be sure your finances are in order and try to save as much money as you can…. surprises and/or changes do come up with any home improvements and that can apply to a custom built home too. You may want to upgrade some of your selections, once things are going well indoors you may want to do the landscaping or add more to the outdoor design so it’s better to have too much in your savings account than not enough.
Since you plan to be building a home from the ground up, obviously you have to be living elsewhere. Make sure you have accommodations that will meet your needs for the estimated time it will take to build the home (and you might want to have some flexibility in the timing too because “stuff” happens, especially nowadays with supply chain issues.

Selecting Jack Cannon with Lynstar Enterprises as your General Contractor will make your experience so much less stressful when building a brand new home. Jack has dealt with almost every problem imaginable. Just talk to him – his stories of his experiences are mouth-dropping! He has amazing references, sub-contractors that he has worked with for 25+ years and he has been licensed as a general contractor since 1989.

Contact Jack to get your new custom home process moving.