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General Contractor, Jack Cannon

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What will general contractor, Jack Cannon with Lynstar, do for you in Silicon Valley San Jose with your house or industrial property

What will Lynstar do for you?

Detailed. Knowledgeable. Problem-solver. Trust the process with Lynstar.

Understanding the Service you will get

Lynstar Enterprises Jack Cannon General Contractor San Jose Services
General contractor with clients viewing the building of their house
As a general contractor, Jack coordinates and supervises every aspect of a building or remodeling project.
That includes:
  • Securing the proper permits for the project
  • Hiring the right people for your job
  • Overseeing the work of the subcontractors such as carpenters, plumbers, plasterers, floor installers, electricians and more
  • Scheduling those people for the work that needs to be done in the right sequence and coordinating them around your life (if in or off of the property)
  • Set up a portable toilet (if necessary)
  • Secure the surrounding area (if necessary)
Lynstar’s work goes well beyond managing the hands-on tasks, however. He takes responsibility for the entire worksite which means he carries liability insurance. If a worker is injured on the job or your property accidentally damaged, Jack handles the situation and consequences. In short, if something goes wrong, Jack Cannon, as the general contractor, is financially responsible for making it right. Lynstar Enterprises makes sure that all work is done right. And with his 30+ years as a general contractor, that is saying a lot.
He has the continually vetted and experienced professionals to expertly do the following:
  • Install the roofing
  • Install insulation
  • HVAC
  • Windows
  • Install the flooring
  • Build stairs and landings
  • Install doors
  • Order and install all new hardware for doors
  • Configure or reconfigure the electrical
  • Run new internet wiring
  • Move walls and install new support beams
  • Cabinets made
  • Custom carpentry
  • Custom build and install new fireplaces and mantels
Jack is also responsible for securing the house or workspace and delivered materials and any tools left on location.
In addition, he will handle and coordinate:
  • Purchasing the right materials at the right time
  • The cleaning up and disposing of all trash and debris
  • Ensuring your floors are protected
  • Make sure the workers are wearing safety gear
  • Oversee all the construction details
  • Simplify the invoicing for you
Hands-on construction work from Lynstar when needed when remodeling homes or building new ones
craftsmen tile layers in Silicon Valley are overseen by Jack Cannon General Contractor with Lynstar
When Jack, as the general contractor, supervises your project, you know it will be done right. Read the many honest and amazing testimonials from past clients. Hiring Lynstar will enable you to sleep at night knowing that everything will be done right.